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For the best concrete contractor in Plenty (VIC) that money can buy, there’s only one contractor – NED CRETE.

Our reputation is as solid as the concrete we lay. When our satisfied customers hear ‘NED CRETE’, they think of the excellence of our craftsmanship and the beautiful finish of our contract work. We have sixty-years’ combine experience in the industry!

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When looking for a contractor, it is important to hire someone reliable, professional and experienced so that the job is done right.

At NED CRETE our experts conduct all your concrete work with care to ensure the end result is high quality only. You can rely on us to construct exactly what you’re looking for. Our team operates with the utmost professionalism and offers a non-obligatory quote for the convenience of our clientele.

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Concrete is a multi-purpose, durable, cost-effective building material. It’s no wonder it’s so popular in construction! However, properly laid concrete isn’t as simple as just pouring out the mix and waiting for it to dry. You will have seen the effects of poorly laid concrete in your local neighbourhood or in housing – cracking, warping concrete is the result of inferior contracting, it’s not the fault of the materials itself. Well-laid concrete is as solid as it gets.

At NED CRETE, we see poorly executed concrete jobs all the time. We shake our heads and wish we could’ve done the job instead. All our work is of a faultless standard, ensuring the longevity of your structures. We take pride in our work – and frankly we want the legacy of our concreting to last!

A lot of the quality of our work comes from our experience: sixty-years combined experience in the concreting industry teaches you a few things, not least common problems that arise with jobs. We have worked up a wealth of solutions to your concreting problem during our time. So, whatever a new job throws at us, we won’t be thrown. We’ve learnt things on the job that can’t be taught. What you discover with a quality concreter is not just functionality, but style.

So, why settle for less? You can call us today to get a no-obligation quote. You know, with NED CRETE, you’re getting the best in the business. Get something solid, get NED CRETE!

“Concrete structure that will last for years.”

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At Ned Crete, We provide all types of concrete work
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