Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways in Melbourne

Looking for an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway in Melbourne?

Indeed, Exposed aggregate concrete driveways look handsome. A concrete driveway adds to the visual appeal of your home or commercial property and gives a luxury ambiance.

Are you looking for an exposed aggregate concrete driveway contractor in Melbourne? Based at Plenty, NED CRETE offer elegant exposed aggregate concrete driveway solutions in Melbourne and suburbs.

Crafting sturdy and attractive concrete structures, for sixty years, today NED CRETE remains a leading, trusted and the chosen concrete contractor in Melbourne.


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NED CRETE is the best exposed aggregate concrete driveways contractor in Melbourne, with knowledge and proficiency for all your needs in concrete structures, including pathways, driveways, and patios. Our veteran team of concreters – combined, we have sixty-years’ experience in the industry – have successfully undertaken all sorts of jobs and take real pride in the quality and beauty of their work!

We are the best concrete contractors in Melbourne and neighborhood. Our reputation is resulted from our commitment towards successful completion of all projects, small or big.

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Attractive alternative to ordinary cement

Aggregate concrete is popular with driveways because of its attractive finish, and the ease with which it can be worked into the topography of the site. Unlike ordinary concrete, exposed aggregate is ‘seeded’ with crushed glass, decorative rocks, quartzite or other materials that give the finish an attractive sparkle and texture. The concrete also requires minimal care and – when you get NED CRETE to complete your concreting job – is long-lasting.

We have a broad range of styles and colours to choose from, to suit the aesthetics of your home. You’ll find our driveways and other pathways a compliment to the style of your home or business. Your home will be greater than the sum of its parts! Guests or customers are bound to comment on how well our aggregate looks.

Install a highly aesthetic aggregate concrete driveway.

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